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Adria Est

We have a total area of 250,000 sq. m of which 60,000 are covered with an average height of 15 m. This allows the handling, storage, processing, packing and packaging of a wide range of packaged or bulk goods with diverse and specific characteristics.

Porto Margreth of Porto Nogaro

Porto Margreth benefits from a water tie to – 7.5 m.s.l.m., with a development of docks currently equal to 860 ml.

The ships that gravitate on Porto Nogaro, measure 3-4,000 tons on average, with peaks up to 7,000. Given the fluvial nature of the port access channel, flat keel ships have greater ease of entry.
The port allows access to ships up to 180 m long and 22 m wide.

Latitude 43 ° 37 ‘North
Longitude 13 ° 33 ‘East