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250.000 sq. m area

We have a total area of 250,000 sq. m of which 60,000 are covered with an average height of 15 m. This allows the handling, storage, processing, packing and packaging of a wide range of packaged or bulk goods with diverse and specific characteristics.

An important area available for all your INTEGRATED LOGISTICS needs.

An outdoor area that allows for the storage of vehicles.

Integrated logistics

ADRIA EST S.p.A. is in a privileged position for receiving and shipping operations of materials of any kind due to:

  • our close proximity to the highway and the port
  • the presence of a private railway junction
  • a weighbridge that can be used for both vehicles and for railway wagons
  • us being located near the customs authority

We have the ability to load and unload goods in bulk or packed in containers entering or leaving by truck or train.

Railway junction

With our railway installation, we have the capability to load and unload wagons and containers with bulk or packed goods.

We also have proprietary locomotives that allow us maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of each customer.

Packaging plant

Our three bagging systems allow us to pack 25/40/50 kg bags and 600 kg Big Bags.